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12/07/10 GOP Legislators Blast Dem Majority for Adding $43 million in spending.

12/06/10 Testa Announces Funds for Repairs at George's Island & Blue Mnt.

10/08/10 Legislator Testa Announces Major Upgrades to Peekskill Sewer Plant

10/07/10 Westchester to Join in Lawsuit Against MTA Payroll Tax

8/13/10 Testa - Westchester Must Sue MTA to Protect Taxpayers

7/18/10 Legislator Testa July Quarterly Newsletter for 2010

7/13/10 County Board Votes to Fund Sprout Brook Ash Pit Closure

7/07/10 Guest Commentary on County's Historic Preservation Obligation (North County News)

6/21/10 Testa Announces Town of Cortlandt Nor-West Grant Deadline

6/10/10 Testa Announces Stop/DWI Program Agreement with Peekskill

5/24/10 County Board Votes To Save Montrose VA

4/01/10 Legislator Testa First Quarterly Newsletter for 2010

3/22/10 Legislator Testa Announces Green Jobs Funding for City of Peekskill

3/11/10 Testa Challenges Somers Connection to Peekskill Sewer District (

2/25/10 Guest Commentary on Heath Contribution (North County News)

2/14/10 Democrats Should Stop Saying "No" to 15% Contribution (Yonkers Tribune)

2/04/10 Legislator Testa Honors James Taylor at County Board (

2/02/10 Legislator Testa Honors Cortlandt Manor's James Taylor

1/27/10 GOP Legislators Support Astorino Proposal to Cut County Health Insurance Expenses (

1/25/10 Testa to Push for County Spending Cuts (

1/17/10 Testa Victory Celebration Draws a large Crowd!